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In today’s environment, financial applications must be flexible, transparent and cost-effective – not hard-wired black boxes where every change requires a new and costly IT initiative. Our team understands and embraces the speed and power of today’s advancements while respecting the planning and documentation that must be in place for their effective use.

FI Consulting provides cost-effective, transparent, thoroughly documented, and scalable solutions, built with a vision of how they will evolve over time to meet your changing needs.

FI's expertise falls in to the following service areas:



  • Freddie Mac
    FI helps Freddie Mac Transform Asset Management using Technology
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
    Business and Industry Loan Guarantee Program Econometric Modeling Project
  • International Finance Corporation
    Performance Evaluation of Housing Finance Advisory Services

News & Insights

  • Green Light for GSA’s OASIS SB Vehicle
  • GAO Ruling Validates FI Consulting’s Financial Analysis

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