Leadership Team

  • Roman Iwachiw, CEO& Co-founder Roman Iwachiw is the CEO and co-founder of FI Consulting. Roman co-founded FI in 2002 with the goal to help financial institutions meet business challenges at the intersection of analytics, data, and technology. Since then, he has led FI’s growth to more than fifty professionals and an outstanding performance record of creating value for commercial, government, and non-profit institutions. As FI has grown, Roman has kept a steady focus on retaining and strengthening FI’s founding culture—one that is collaborative, meritocratic, and committed to continually increasing the value delivered to FI clients and people. In more than fifteen years serving clients, Roman’s work has included developing financial models for fixed income portfolios, validating models and software, implementing data management and analytical systems, and designing custom approaches to address unique analytical problems. Roman holds a BS in Economics and Policy Studies from Syracuse University. He received his Chartered Financial Analyst charter in 2005 and is a board member of the CFA Society of Washington DC. Before co-founding FI, Roman worked in the management consulting practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers.
  • Allison Kirsch, Chief Operating Officer Allison Kirsch is Chief Operating Officer at FI Consulting. In her role as COO, Allison directs the day-to-day operations of the firm. She is responsible for operational and strategic priorities in the areas of human resources, marketing, sales, finance, technology, and facilities. Allison collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency. In her six years at FI Consulting, Allison has driven a strong track record of results, focusing on scalable growth of the organization as it has more than tripled in size. She works closely with other team members to develop the processes and procedures to ensure FI Consulting’s successful and continued growth and that the values of FI Consulting are consistently reflected. Allison earned both her Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Science degrees from American University. Allison also holds a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification.
  • Derek Davison, Senior Manager Derek Davison, a Senior Manager at FI Consulting, has more than 13 years of experience consulting to Federal and commercial clients with an emphasis on lending institutions. Derek leads financial modeling and data analytics projects that provide decision makers with insight into complex business and operational issues. He currently oversees more than 20 team members providing services to FI’s Federal clients. Derek specializes in working in environments that are subject to high levels of audit and regulatory scrutiny, and has helped multiple clients successfully achieve clean audit opinions on financial and data processes. In the wake of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, Derek led FI’s support of the U.S. Treasury’s Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), where he designed, developed, and implemented a financial modeling process that received a clean audit opinion in its first year. Prior to joining FI in 2004, Derek worked in the Federal practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers and then IBM. Derek received a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Rutgers University.
  • Kris Fizyta, Manager Kris Fizyta leads teams that provide analytical solutions to federal agencies with large, complex credit portfolios. Kris specializes in developing models of loan performance, cash flows, and portfolio risk, and in designing custom solutions to help clients solve their data and analytical challenges. Kris’ objective is to ensure FI teams deliver high value to clients. Kris has deep experience with Federal Credit Reform Act implementation and has helped agencies navigate the complete lifecycle for credit program modeling, financial reporting, and budgeting. He has redesigned complex data-intensive processes to improve controls, reduce manual effort and key person dependencies, and generate more reliable and robust results. Kris’ work is instrumental in helping his clients achieve clean audit opinions and demonstrating credibility to stakeholders. Kris joined FI in 2007. He earned an MA in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University and a BA in Economics from the University of Maryland, College Park. Before joining FI, Kris was a logistics and financial manager at an industrial products distributor.
  • Joe Feldmann, Manager Joe Feldmann leads teams that develop data and analytical applications for institutions with mortgage and real estate portfolios. Joe specializes in designing data models that enable simpler, more flexible, and more robust analytics and modeling, and ensuring appropriate transparency and controls around analytical and modeling outputs. Joe designs solutions that not only address client’s existing objectives but that are adaptable to meet future needs. At FI, Joe has led the development of firm standards for creating database applications. He has designed and developed custom applications to execute transactional and reporting processes for pricing, securitization, and asset management of commercial real estate loans. These applications included flexible and configurable frameworks for asset risk ratings, grid-based pricing, management approvals of user activities, and report creation. Clients have experienced improved execution time, data quality, and auditability of their business processes through the use of these applications. Joe holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Maryland, College Park. Prior to joining FI Consulting, Joe worked on Fannie Mae’s loss allowance models, where he made model enhancements, developed documentation, and provided analysis and audit support. Joe has worked internationally as a team member on the US Agency for International Development’s Empower Pakistan initiative based in Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Lee Stuck, Manager Lee Stuck leads teams that develop analytical, modeling, and process solutions for Federal agencies with large, complex credit portfolios. Lee specializes in developing models of loan performance and portfolio risk, designing custom analytics to aid client decision-making, and in automating, documenting, and improving client processes. Lee also helps clients navigate the complete lifecycle for Federal credit programs, from program authorization through first loan commitment and including subsequent program modeling, financial reporting, budgeting, and credit risk management. The work Lee and his teams perform helps clients achieve clean audit opinions, increase process efficiency, and design and implement Federal credit programs that effectively meet policy goals while minimizing risk. Lee joined FI in 2008 and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Public Policy from The College of William and Mary.
  • Patrick O'Brien, Manager Patrick O'Brien oversees financial analytics and credit portfolio modeling projects for federal government clients. Applying his extensive knowledge of security valuation theory and statistical analysis techniques, Patrick helps clients extract and understand key decision criteria from financial models. With his focus on improving and accelerating decision making by prioritizing and automating high-value workflows, Patrick also develops financial data visualizations to help his clients quickly assess market interconnectedness and risks. Patrick holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics from the University of Maryland, College Park. Prior to FI Consulting, Patrick analyzed and built performance-reporting solutions for institutional investors, focusing on the private equity, private real estate, and private energy fund asset classes.
  • Christina Prevalsky, Manager Christina Prevalsky leads teams that perform custom analytics and develop applications that support data-driven decision making for our clients. Christina specializes in identifying and implementing process improvements and analytical approaches through flexible models and automated solutions. Designed to strengthen both our public and private sector clients’ internal controls and analytic capabilities, Christina’s work helps clients quantify program effectiveness, gain assurance over reporting and compliance with business requirements, and design automated solutions to understand performance drivers and assess financial and operational risk. In addition, Christina has experience in developing scenario-driven models to quantify financial impact and support strategic decisions around cost structures, new products, and network optimization. Prior to joining FI, Christina worked as an Investment Risk Analyst for Credit Suisse, focused on fixed income and private equity portfolios. Christina holds a Bachelor of Science in Operations Research and Engineering from Cornell University and received her Chartered Financial Analyst charter in 2012.


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