Real problems involve details you can't simply read about.

It isn’t enough to just understand textbook financial and economic theory – real problems involve details you can’t simply read about – details specific to industries and organizations that aren’t always in a text book or journal article.

Our full-time employees (not partners or sub-contractors) have experience in the following areas:

Real Estate Mortgage Finance

  • Residential Mortgage Finance
  • Commercial Mortgage Finance; particularly in MF

Capital Markets and Banking

  • Risk Management
  • Regulatory Oversight and Other Legislative Considerations
  • GAAP Accounting
  • Structured Finance and Securitization
  • International Capital Markets

Federal and State Government

  • Federal Direct Loan and Loan Guarantee Programs
  • Public/Private Partnerships and Risk Sharing Programs
  • Federal Loan Program Accounting and Budgeting

Mail, Packages, & Freight

  • Operations and Logistics
  • Product Analysis and Design



  • Freddie Mac
    FI helps Freddie Mac Transform Asset Management using Technology
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
    Business and Industry Loan Guarantee Program Econometric Modeling Project
  • International Finance Corporation
    Performance Evaluation of Housing Finance Advisory Services

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