We solve complex problems

In today’s world you can’t solve complex financial or economic problems without the right mixture of industry expertise, in-depth analysis, and the effective use of technology.

At FI Consulting, we balance our financial expertise with an understanding of how to effectively use both existing and customized software to address our clients’ needs. We pride ourselves on delivering realistic tangible solutions and not vague verbal recommendations.

Most of our projects reflect some combination of our three core service areas:

Customized Analytical Services – Our analysts conduct market research, benchmarking, and financial modeling around your new idea or concept to fully evaluate its viability. We will help you build a comprehensive strategy for transforming your ideas into reality and for developing the right tools to evaluate progress.

Model Advisory and Support Services – We can evaluate the integrity of your existing models as well as design, build, and test new proprietary models and their related systems. We can help you implement a solution using commercial off-the-shelf software packages, or create an entirely new modeling framework, tailored specifically to your requirements.

Application Development and Implementation Support Services – Application development is the activity by which businesses enhance their operations using IT solutions. We support application development by defining the business and functional requirements for financial applications. We specialize in bridging the gap between business users and information technology developers. We also provide testing and validation during implementation.

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