Application Development and Implementation

Bridging the communication gap between developers and users.

Our consultants excel at bridging the communications gap between developers and users throughout all phases of the application development life cycle. We will analyze your business needs, define the requirements, translate those items to the development team, monitor and report on progress, and validate the final solution.

Our consultants are hands on – in addition to having core competencies in finance, all of our consultants are well-versed in at least one computer language. This makes us particularly skilled at understanding, documenting, and communicating complex technical requirements in a way that programmers can understand. Additionally, in many cases, our team will develop working prototypes to illustrate, and sometimes supplement our documented requirements.

We can also help evaluate whether commercial off the shelf (COTS) software presents a cost-effective or time-efficient alternative to meeting business requirements. We will help you understand the true cost of implementation – not just the licensing cost associated with the software package.

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