Redesigning the Multifamily Risk Rating Model

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The re-designed model provided a specific method for assigning a risk category to all MF loans and credit guarantees.

Freddie Mac
Freddie Mac hired FI Consulting to help them develop, test, and document a model-driven process for quantifying the relative credit risk among their seasoned Multifamily (MF) portfolio.
FI Solution: 

FI guided Freddie Mac through three distinct phases in the project. The first step was the development, validation, and documentation of an automated process that estimates the current financial condition of the underlying properties. Second, our analysts helped develop and calibrate the execution of a default and loss forecasting model based on the estimated current financial condition of these properties. Finally, we built a tool that integrates the output of the forecasting model with other relevant loan metrics as part of a robust reporting solution.

FI Impact: 

Freddie Mac realized several benefits from FI’s work on this project. The re-designed MF Risk Rating model provided a specific method for assigning a risk category to all MF loans in their portfolio and all of their credit guarantees. The new model was well-documented, transparent, and validated, increasing overall confidence in the results it provided. The streamlined process improved the client’s ability to communicate more clearly and proactively with their loan servicing and oversight divisions.

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