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About FCAT

The Federal Credit Analysis Tool (FCAT) is a web-based application currently in beta version. The purpose of the FCAT is to make information about the federal government's credit market activities-for example lending authority and estimated credit costs- more transparent and accessible. The tool aggregates information about federal credit programs from the President's Budget using data from the Federal Credit Supplement. This version of the FCAT contains data through the FY 2011 President's Budget and all descriptions and footnotes from the underlying Federal Credit Supplements apply.

The tool allows users to analyze historical formulation and reestimate data about federal credit programs. The tool has two panels. The top panel allows user to filter data by making selections by agency, bureau, program, loan type, and year. The bottom panel displays information based on the userŐs selection in four tabs:

  • Formulation Subsidy Rates - View lending authority and the components of subsidy by cohort at the program level.
  • Formulation Assumptions - View the assumptions underlying the subsidy estimates at the risk category level by cohort and reporting fiscal year.
  • Reestimate Subsidy Rates - View formulation and reestimated subsidy rates and amounts by cohort and FY.
  • Reestimate History - View historical reestimate data for selected cohorts by FY.
Depending on the tab, users may also be able to select radio buttons to view different types of data. For example, on the Formulation Subsidy Rates tab, users can view the components of subsidy in terms of rates or dollars, and also view the assumptions underlying the formulation estimates. The Formulation Subsidy Rates and Reestimate Subsidy Rates tabs also have a View Chart button that will generate a pop-up window to display the selected data in a chart. Finally, the user may select All Agencies, All Bureaus, or All Programs in the top panel of the tool. In these cases, the data displayed in the table in the bottom panel will be summations (e.g., sum of disbursements) or weighted averages (e.g., formulation subsidy rates weighted by commitments or obligations or reestimate subsidy rates weighted by disbursements) across agencies, bureaus, or programs.


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